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Core Values Escape Room

Core Values Escape Room Game

Core Values Escape Room

Bring your values to life with exciting challenges and collaborative teamwork

Bring your values to life with exciting challenges and teamwork

About the experience

Help staff understand your Core Values with this immersive and interactive group-based game. Played online in teams of 3-6 people, the participants are challenged to solve up to 15 exciting missions relating to your Core Values and eventually “Escape the Room”.

The storyline

A hacker has managed to break into your servers and lock down all your corporate files. He threatens to erase it all in 45 minutes. But the hacker is not motivated by cash, his agenda is more philosophical. He wants your team members to prove that they understand the core values, and are ready to start living them. If they succeed, the files will be returned.

Security Awareness Escape Room - Beat the Hacker
Employee Onboarding Game

How the game works

In the game, the players are challenged to crack 15 fun and tricky missions relating to the Values and Behaviours. The game is designed to promote team collaboration, so all players have been given their own specific digital clues. As the teams progress, more levels are opened up with increasing difficulty. The aim is to solve the challenges, outsmart the hacker and “escape the room”.

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Always tailored to embed your values

Core Values Escape Room is always tailored to your organization. We have a long experience of helping large clients strike the right balance between learning and fun to convey the right cultural “feel” . We also brand the game with your logo, fonts and color codes.

Core Values Onboarding Group Discussion

Virtual, Hybrid or In-person?

Our technology works with any type of meeting format. Choose to run it remotely on Zoom/Teams, as a hybrid event or in-person. If you are a global company, you can even run the games simultaneously across multiple countries!

Live leaderboard

Check the score live on the leaderboard. You can even create a company-wide onboarding dashboard to compare all players, across departments, divisions or countries!

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Core Values Escape Room Game

Our Core Values Training Solutions

Individuals or groups. No need for facilitation. Easy to run.

Hello Values™

✓ Inspirational learning format
✓ Effective and easy to roll out
✓ Individual training

Core Values Escape Room

✓ Fun and exciting
✓ Raise awareness in light touch way
✓ Group training (virtual or in-person)

Core Values Learning Game

✓ Engaging workshop format
✓ Group discussions & deeper learning
✓ Group training (virtual or in-person)

Employee Onboarding Activities

The perfect Launch Activity

Launch events can be dull affairs. Embedding a team-based learning experience is an amazing way of bringing some positive energy into your employee training. It also helps you build your employer brand by introducing the corporate culture in totally unexpected way.


Where: The game can be played from anywhere across the world.
How: The game is run online – all you need is a computer and access to the Internet. There is no need for a game host.
When: Available 24/7.
Time: Around 1 hour
Group size: Minimum 3 people. No upper limit.
Price: We charge a variable price per player + a fixed game design fee. Please get in touch for more details on pricing.

Online Escape Game - Beat the Hacker 2

Just looking for pure fun?

Our sister company Green Hat Games is a world leader in virtual team development games. Find out more about the off-the-shelf version of Beat the Hacker at

Testimonials and clients

We’ve delivered our Virtual Escape Room to close to 200 000 players with amazing feedback. Our game rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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Everything we do is designed to be engaging and user friendly.

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We always help our clients design a programme that matches their needs.

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Years of insights

Having engaged more than 1,000,000 participants, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Overview of an Onboarding Game

Proprietary Technology

All our tech is developed in-house, and designed for one specific purpose – to enable you to onboard new staff in the best possible way.

data & analytics

Data & Analytics

Our dashboards let you follow progress in real time. Track participation rates, engagement levels, and compare stats across countries, divisions, teams, functions etc.

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