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New starter showing Onboarding Software

Effective onboarding software for small HR teams

A warm welcome

Help new hires get up to speed with our interactive onboarding solution. It is run online on computers or smart phones.

Employee Onboarding Process
Pre-boarding App for new hires

Consistent experience

The software enables you to offer a great experience to all new hires no matter role, manager or location.

Customisable and flexible

We help you design an onboarding programme with the right scope when it comes to tech and content.

Brand & Culture Onboarding - Learn the lingo


employee onboarding timeline

Fully automated

Schedule your entire onboarding process and let our software do the work for you.

Unlock content gradually

Avoid information overload by scheduling content – for example by providing new chapters weekly. Users are notified automatically about new content via email.

employee onboarding software
Getting started with an Employee Onboarding Platform

Automated reminders

Make sure new hires and managers are on track by automatically sending out email reminders if milestones aren’t hit.

User specific learning

Provide user-specific learning paths for different roles, locations or languages.

Core Values Training Activities
Barnet Onboarding

Custom branding

Our design team will customise the software with your look and feel. Logo, colours, imagery, tone of voice. You can even have custom fonts!

System integration

Connect your existing administrative platforms to our API and let us stand for the interactive, inspirational parts of the onboarding experience.

Onboarding Process
user interface for onboarding platform admins

Content editor

Make content updates and publish in seconds with our intuitive content editor.

Track progress

Visually striking dashboards help track if the new hires  are up to speed.

Employee Onboarding Dashboard
Employee Onboarding Checklist

Interactive checklists

Make sure the the most important tasks are completed on time  -and find out when they’re not.

Networking booster

Help new employees network and meet relevant people with the networking booster.

Woman playing an Onboarding Game
Induction process

Embed documents

Attach documents in any format – reuse your existing content.

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