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Doubleflow Onboarding Platform

Your entire Onboarding Experience in one tool

Employee Onboarding Platform

Appealing end user experience

✔ Perfect overview of onboarding journey
✔ Get up to speed quickly
✔ Understand the business and the culture

Time saver for HR and Managers

✔ Drive progress via automation
✔ Track completion rates
✔ Connect all elements of the onboarding process

Before day one – get inspired

Help new staff feel at ease by providing practical details, a timeline and perhaps a welcome video with the Managing Director and a few colleagues. Welcome emails are scheduled to be sent automatically from the platform.

Pre-boarding for new employees
Employee Onboarding Platform

Day one is finally here

In addition to meeting the line manager and core team, the new employee explores the Onboarding Overview & Timeline in the platform which helps them know what to expect.

First days and beyond

The new hire starts exploring the exciting new onboarding platform – and learns lots about the company, the organisation, products and customers in the About us section.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game
A smartly dressed young woman smiles while working on a laptop #Clue: your hidden letter is the first in the alphabet! Got it? Easy... Now find image 6

Tick off some key actions in the First Week Checklist

Ticking of the first week’s tasks in the Checklist section will help the new starter get on top of things.

Time for Learning

The platform will help keep track of what training sessions to complete – online or instructor-led.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game

Network and get to know more people

Time to get to know more people – core team, wider team members, a senior leader. Conversation guides facilitate the meetings.

Understand the Culture & Values better

Time to start understanding how things are done around here, with some help from the buddy.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game
Employee Onboarding Activities

Join the Orientation Event

Meet the other new starters in your cohort and get to know the company better. A fun day filled with inspirational speakers and interactive group-based onboarding games.

Get to know the corporate culture better with a fun Core Values Escape Room Game, or understand diversity with Diversity & Inclusion Training Game.

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Employee Onboarding Platform
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Two weeks before day 1

A timely email with a to-do list is sent out two weeks before the new starter’s first day – ensuring everything is ready for their arrival.

Employee Onboarding Automation

First Week Key Actions

A simple checklist is a powerful tool to help make sure the key actions are taken that ensures a smooth onboarding journey.

Track progress

Find out if the new employee is up to speed and on track.

Automated workflows

We help you setup a clever onboarding timeline that does the work for you. No more emails and boring repetitive tasks. The platform takes care of user logins, welcome emails, reminders and notifications about new content.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Games
Onboarding Programme

Monitor progress and feedback on dashboards

Find out who has completed what, and what the new hires think of the onboarding experience.

Content updates

Update the content yourself let us do it for you – 3 monthly hours are included in our support plan.

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