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Diversity & Inclusion Training Game

Diversity and Inclusion Training Game

Looking for a more interactive way to deliver your D&I training?

Diversity and Inclusion Training Game

Looking for a more interactive way to deliver your D&I training?

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game Missions

Interactive & Fun

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game is designed to maximise Engagement and Team Collaboration while providing a deep understanding of the importance of Diversity & Inclusion.


You can tailor the game to your organization or choose to run the off-the-shelf version which provides a great introduction to D&I.

Virtual or In-person

The game is run online, in small groups. The technology fits with any meeting format. Choose to run fully remote, on-site or as a hybrid event.

Interactive & Fun

Team-based game for maximum Engagement and Collaboration


Always tailored to your organization’s needs.

Virtual or In-person

The game is run online and fits with any meeting format.

Employee Onboarding Activities

A great Learning Experience

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game is a fun and engaging way of helping new staff understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture. The game is played online, typically as part of a training session.

How the game works

The game is run online in small groups of 3-6 people. It can be delivered virtually on Zoom/Teams etc or in-person. The game takes around one hour.

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Diversity and Inclusion Training Game
Diversity & Inclusion Training Game

Game mechanics & mission types

The Diversity Training game is designed with blended learning in mind. We mix dilemmas and group discussions with collaborative challenges and photo missions to provide a great learning experience.

Game Content

The game is designed to provide an introduction to Diversity & Inclusion. The standard version includes topics like:
– Physical disabilities
– Cultural differences
– Gender equality
– Ageism
– Mental health
– Sexual orientation
– Family situation
– Neurodiversity
– Location

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game
Customization of Values Activity and Onboarding Game

Customization options

Our design team can customize the game content so it suits your training needs. We also help adapt the look and feel of the game for an on-brand experience. The design process takes around 2-4 weeks.

We also offer a standard off-the-shelf version of the game for a broad introduction to D&I.

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Live data for debrief

All the data from the game can be accessed live on dashboards. Use it to debrief live or to track participation rates and engagement levels. Compare countries, divisions, teams, functions, tenure etc and drill down to individual answers.

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Diversity & Inclusion Case Studies

sports car manufacturer diversity & inclusion training

Diversity & Inclusion Escape Room Game

An iconic European sports car manufacturer sought to transform its D&I training, creating a digital peer-to-peer learning experience for small groups. The game would be incorporated into onboarding events for new starters right across the international business, delivering the company’s D&I strategy in a more engaging and interactive way.

Based on our Virtual Escape Room format, we designed a customized team-based game experience that incorporated the client’s content into into the narrative. The game included branded audio and video missions and was translated to open up the challenge to international teams, with a global leaderboard stimulating competition.

Diversity in the Workplace Training

Hickory Point Bank, a community bank in Illinois, wanted to create more awareness around Diversity & Inclusion, to be delivered as engaging training sessions during their quarterly meetings.

We designed a customized, 45 minute D&I game covering on the following topics: Gender Equality, Age, Family Situation, Physical Disabilities and Gender Identity. The game was played online in small teams, followed by a joint a 15 minute debrief session using the data collected in the game.

‘It went great today!  The team loved it and loved how interactive it was.  Many of them told me it created great conversations that they wish they would have had more time to explore.  It was excellent and our CEO enjoyed it as well.’ 😊 – Elisse Nibbelin, Human Resources Director

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Escape Room Game

In partnership with the agency Rockitfish, we devised an Employee Engagement activity for a global Skills Development client, based around EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion). In the game, a disgruntled employee had infiltrated the company’s system and locked down the files. To release them, his former colleagues had to prove that they understood the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Coined the ‘Diversity Challenge’, this classic ‘Escape Room’ style game asked groups to solve puzzles and unravel clues. All tasks, as well as being fun and engaging, were tailored to EDI. Read more here

‘The group activity was a huge success with the HR team – it definitely fuelled our competitive spirit, and truly brought EDI to life. Well done on providing such an engaging activity’ – Head of HR Professional Services

Tech requirements and delivery formats

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game

Played online

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game is played online in groups of 3-6 people, typically as part of a training session.

Online access

Our DEI Training Games are run online – all you need is a computer with a browser and an Internet connection.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game
Diversity & Inclusion Training Game Missions

Game length

Diversity & Inclusion Training Game takes around 60 minutes but can be adapted to fit with your agenda.

Delivery and meeting formats

Our technology works with any type of meeting format. Choose to run it remotely on Zoom/Teams, as a hybrid event or in-person. If you are a global company, you can even run the games simultaneously across multiple countries!

Read more about our technology here

Staff taking part in diversity and inclusion training event

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Why choose us for your Diversity Training?

Engagement is our core

Everything we do is designed to be engaging and user friendly.

Fully tailored to your needs

We always help our clients design a programme that matches their needs.

New hire taking part in an onboarding game experience

Years of insights

Having engaged more than 1,000,000 participants, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Overview of an Onboarding Game

Proprietary Technology

All our tech is developed in-house, and designed for one specific purpose – to enable you to onboard new staff in the best possible way.

data & analytics

Data & Analytics

Our dashboards let you follow progress in real time. Track participation rates, engagement levels, and compare stats across countries, divisions, teams, functions etc.

Personal support and training

Our staff will do their utmost to help you succeed. Either on the ground to help out with onboarding days, or remotely to support your self-delivery.

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What are the lead times to design a game?

Between 1-4 weeks.

Can we run everything self managed?

Yes, the games are accessed online.

Do you have any references?

Yes, we have helped many companies across the world with Culture Change.

What is the pricing structure?

We charge a fixed setup fee plus a variable fee per participant.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

No, but we have a minimum cost to design the game.

What technology is used?

The game is run online so all you need is a computer with an Internet access.

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