Security Awareness Training
Cybersecurity Game

Beat the Hacker®

Cybersecurity Game

Fun and exciting security awareness training for staff

Beat the Hacker®

Cybersecurity Game

Make your Security Awareness Training fun and exciting

Our Cybersecurity Games

Cyber Security Escape Room

Cybersecurity Escape Room

– Played in groups of 3-6 people
– 15 collaborative Cybersecurity missions
– Virtual or in-person, 30 or 45 minutes

Cyber Challenge - Cybersecurity game for employees

Cyber Challenge

– Fun challenge for individuals
– 6 exciting missions (Phishing, AI, Invoice fraud, WFH etc.)
– One round of 15 minutes or 3×5 minutes

Why choose Beat the Hacker?

Why choose Beat
the Hacker®?

Phishing Awareness Training

Inspiring and engaging

Gamified and interactive, Beat the Hacker® helps you reignite interest and raise awareness in way that your staff will love!

cyber security awareness month

Formats for all needs

Choose to run the game in groups or individually, in-person or virtually. It’s totally flexible.

Cybersecurity Month activities

Easy to deploy

– Start with single click
– Track everything on leaderboards
– We help you get set up

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Cybersecurity Escape Room

How it works

15 exciting cybersecurity challenges

Based on a Virtual Escape Room format, players are challenged to solve up to 15 short missions related to cybersecurity. A broad variety of game mechanisms are used to ensure that everyone can take part.

Beat the Hacker takes 30 minutes to complete.

How it works

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Exciting cybersecurity challenges

In the games, players are challenged to solve short missions related to cybersecurity. Each mission is followed by a short key take-away as well as a bonus question.

What do you get out of it?

– Increases cybersecurity awareness
– Promotes group discussion
– Delivers short, tangible take-aways

A range of topics are covered, including Phishing, Spear Phishing, Passwords, MFA, AI Deepfakes/Voice cloning, USB devices, Working Remotely.

Cybersecurity activity for staff
Virtual Escape Room Beat the Hacker

The story

A hacker has managed to take over your network and encrypt your company files. But the hacker is not motivated by cash, the agenda is more philosophical. He wants your team members to prove that they understand the importance of cyber security, and that they are ready to help build a security culture. If they succeed, the files will be returned.

Quick and easy set-up

The game is run online, on a browser. All you need is a computer or tablet with an Internet connection. The game is started with a simple click on a link (one single link for all teams). You’re up and running in seconds and there is no need for downloads.

Virtual or in-person delivery
For virtual deliveries (Zoom/Teams etc) one team member shares the screen and audio. For in-person events, 3-5 people share one device.

Employees taking part in interactive cybersecurity game
custom cybersecurity game for staff

Off-the-shelf or custom

Beat the Hacker can be tailored to fit with your organization’s learning objectives. We’ve helped hundreds of clients helping strike the right balance between learning and fun. We can also brand the game with your logo, fonts and colour codes.

Who is it for?

The game is designed to help staff refresh their awareness of cybersecurity threats and learn the fundamentals, in a fun and easy going way. By playing together in small groups, the experience becomes more collaborative and engaging, making the learning much more effective.

Cybersecurity Awareness Activities
Beat the Hacker Escape Room Clients

Testimonials and clients

We’ve delivered Beat the Hacker Virtual Escape Room Game to close to 300 000 players with amazing feedback. Our game rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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Cybersecurity Game for emnployees
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Security Awareness Training – further reading

Gamification of employee training has really taken off and now even the most important government agencies support games based training.

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