Security Awareness Training

We’re here to make Cybersecurity
Awareness Training fun and exciting

We’re here to make Cybersecurity
Awareness Training fun and exciting

making compliance training fun and engaging

Cybersecurity training isn’t working.

Boring, passive, and outdated, the training content currently forced on corporate employees is making them switch off. People lose interest fast. Long topic introductions, 30-minute explainer videos, and “example phishing emails” just won’t cut it – we’ve all seen thousands by now!

A new type of cybersecurity training is needed. Training that doesn’t waste time. Training that employees want to engage with. Training that helps them to understand current cybersecurity threats and play a key role in your company’s cyber defences.

What if you could get people to take part and enjoy it?

What if cybersecurity training was fun and exciting as well as educational and effective? What if learners took an active role in the experience?

What if cybersecurity training was something to look forward to in the calendar, rather than an excuse to browse your emails while pretending to follow along?

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Security Awareness Training

Experts in Game-Based Learning

At Doubleflow, we are experts in corporate learning. Having designed gamified corporate learning solutions loved by millions of employees across the world, at companies like Kraft Heinz, EssenceMediacom, Microsoft, and STADA, we have experience of what it takes to create something special!

Using our tried-and-tested methodology, we have developed a new approach to cybersecurity training. With a little help from our old friend, the heroic villain of our acclaimed escape room game Beat the Hacker.

Our Methodology

Making the learner the hero of their own story, as they develop the knowledge and tools needed to become guardians of your cybersecurity defences, our cybersecurity training is active, engaging, fun, and informative. Learning by doing rather than learning by watching…

With immersive narratives, exciting challenges, and company-wide and global leaderboards to stimulate friendly competition, the training is organized in bite-sized learning modules for optimal engagement. Content is based on guidance issued by the NCSC, CISA, FBI, and NSA, and is constantly updated as cyber threats evolve.

No more dull, passive, and outdated training content. Is your team ready to take on the Cybersecurity Awareness Escape Room and Beat the Hacker?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training
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