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The most flexible and easy to use onboarding platform – designed for small HR teams.

The most flexible and easy to use onboarding platform – designed for small HR teams.

Employee Onboarding Timeline

Consistent format across the company

Deliver the same great experience to all new hires, no matter location, manager or role.

Showcase brand, culture and values

Your brand, culture, and values are the DNA of your organization. We’re particularly good at sharing the soul of your company and inspire new starters.

How to achieve a Consistent Employee Onboarding Experience
HR Employee Induction Program

Minimised workload with automation

Set up automated workflows and let the onboarding process run with much less active involvement. Schedule email notifications and automated reminders to users, buddies and managers.

Schedule content and reduce information overload

Help new hires take action at the right time, without overwhelming them, with content that unlocks gradually, appealing progress bars and automated nudges.

Employee Onboarding Checklist
Employee Onboarding Platform Overview

Gather everything in one place

Does your onboarding process feel fragmented, with documents, learning modules and tasks scattered in different places? Gather everything together in one place for easy access.

Create truly exciting in-person events

Feel your orientation events are a bit stale? We offer a range of exciting group-based games and workshops that will make your events interactive and engaging. Learn more.

Core Values Onboarding Group Discussion
Culture-first Employee Onboarding

Maximum flexibility

Choose your scope – from a simple pre-boarding welcome video to a fully automated, 90 day onboarding programme. We offer 15 pre-populated chapters for your inspiration.

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