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Beat the Hacker®

Security Awareness Training made exciting

Beat the Hacker®

Cybersecurity Awareness
Training made exciting

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Why choose Beat the Hacker®?

Why choose Beat the Hacker?

Cyber Security Awareness Training for staff

No more boring videos

Our fun and interactive challenges keep the participants active and engaged.

Security Awareness Training for Employess

Language everyone understands

We minimize technical jargon and dry compliance talk.

targets of spear attempts

Better learning experience

The Active Learning methodology helps users learn more and remember it for longer.

What the training covers

Choose monthly, quarterly or yearly training

What the training covers

Choose monthly, quarterly or yearly training

what is phishing

Phishing Intro

Introduction to mass email phishing, how to identify red flags etc.

working from home in a secure way

Working Remotely

How to configure home routers, smart devices, use public Wi-Fi, VPN, personal hotspots, sharing devices.



Top tips on how to create and manage secure passwords and pass phrases.

spear phishing

Spear Phishing

Spotting CEO fraud, invoice fraud etc. and how to tell genuine from fake.

cybersecurity trivia game show

Cyber Security Trivia

A fun general knowledge game show that introduces users to the field of cybersecurity – lingo, types of threats, history etc.

keep devices secure


How to set up devices and keep them secure. Unsafe USBs, automated software updates and more.

AI in cyber security

Artificial Intelligence

Learn about deepfakes, voice cloning and how AI can be utilized by bad actors in phishing attepempts.

avoiding phishing

Stay safe online

Social media sharing and posting, safe browsing, spotting fake websites, data privacy and more.

insider threats and how to mitigate them

Insider Threats

Learn who insiders are, how they operate, what they want and how to stop data theft, fraud, sabotage and more.

spot the phish learning

Spot the phish

Follow up module to repeat the learnings about phishing, with a focus on spotting phishing red flags.

symptoms of a hack

Symptoms of a hack

Understand how to spot symptoms that may indicate a hack on your devices.

Keeping devices secure with facial recognition

Future of Authentication

Learn how to protect your accounts and data with MFA, passkeys, password managers, SSO and security keys.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Want to find out more?

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

“Great way to learn cyber security. Kudos to the team that built this!”

– Global Oil & Gas company (customised Security Policy Escape Room)

cyber security awareness training
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Is your current Awareness Training dull and repetitive?

Traditional compliance training can be dreadful. Boring narrated videos and repetitive blocks of technical texts, finished off with the grisly “interactive” quiz.

We make it fun and engaging

Beat the Hacker reignites and changes how you deliver your training. Based on the Active Learning methodology, our training is full of interactive challenges, gamified case studies and our Hacker’s quirky sense of humor.

Insider threats and data breaches
Security Awareness Training platform

Automated training platform

Choose monthly, quarterly or yearly training. Smart, automated email notifications make sure user stay on track.

Track progress & identify high-risk individuals

Our live dashboards let you easily track module completion rates and pass rates.

The platform also gathers interesting data on potential behavioural risks, issues that users worry about, suggested improvements and more. All broken down by individual, team, country etc.

Security Policy roll-out data dashboard

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